Don’t get caught out this Winter when in the outdoors

Be safe this winter whilst Outdoors

Don’t get caught out this Winter when in the outdoors

,Don’t get caught out this Winter when in the outdoors, your GPS will keep you updated about daylight hours.

One of the lesser-known features on Garmin GPS units, is the ability to display the Sunrise and Sunset times at your location. They will even show features such as time in hours until sunset or sunrise. When out walking or running this winter the reassurance of having this information can really enhance your day. Allowing you to enjoy the activity knowing you will not get caught out.

Access this on a handheld unit; There is a Sunrise/Sunset icon on the main menu. This will then give you the Sunrise & Sunset times at your location. Using the menu system you can also change the location it is giving this information for. This is updated live from the satellites, once you are outdoors and it has logged onto the satellites this information will be automatically updated.

On a Garmin Fenix GPS watch;you can get the same information – this is available via the widget screen. If the GPS is not in the use the data comes from the Garmin Connect location, GPS is in use this data is calculated for your location.

If you do get caught out with Sunset times on the hill having an “epic” day – not a problem! Garmin units pack some great features to help with these days.

The GPSMap 66 series now has backlit buttons, seeing them on the hill in dusk is simple and easy and these will automatically activate when the ambient light level drops. If the day really does get extended all Garmin handheld units can or do run on AA batteries. So if you need extra power you can just pop some spare batteries into the unit, all information will be automatically saved.

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