Welcome to the Outdoor GPS Shop

Welcome to the Outdoor GPS Shop
Garmin GPS MAP66i

Welcome to the Outdoor GPS Shop

If you are a walker, runner or cyclist or just someone who loves exploring the outdoors the Outdoor GPS Shop is for you.

We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts who have embraced GPS navigation and understand both the benefits and also the pitfalls of navigating with a GPG navigator.

We have categorised both the GPS units, watches, maps, and accessories into simple easy to navigate categories so you can easily find the product you are looking for and we offer training and support packages so you can get the most out of the newly purchased device you have bought from the Outdoor GPS Shop

So if you are looking for a GPS watch or a Handheld GPS unit we have the products and knowledge that will ensure you get the correct outdoor GPS navigation device.

If you are new to GPS navigation or want to make sure you are going the choose the best GPS device please take a look at our ‘choosing a GPS article’ this plain, simple guide takes you through the thought process you need to go through when choosing the right Outdoor GPS device when wanting to navigate in the UK and beyond.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about the Outdoor GPS Shop website please do get in touch and if you are already navigating with an outdoor GPS please do review the GPS device you are using and if you are wanting training for your GPS unit please check out our friends at GPS Training.

Welcome again to the Outdoor GPS Shop, we look forward to serving you.

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