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Be safe this winter whilst Outdoors

Don’t get caught out this Winter when in the outdoors

,Don’t get caught out this Winter when in the outdoors, your GPS will keep you updated about daylight hours.

One of the lesser-known features on Garmin GPS units, is the ability to display the Sunrise and Sunset times at your location. They will even show features such as time in hours until sunset or sunrise. When out walking or running this winter the reassurance of having this information can really enhance your day. Allowing you to enjoy the activity knowing you will not get caught out.

Access this on a handheld unit; There is a Sunrise/Sunset icon on the main menu. This will then give you the Sunrise & Sunset times at your location. Using the menu system you can also change the location it is giving this information for. This is updated live from the satellites, once you are outdoors and it has logged onto the satellites this information will be automatically updated.

On a Garmin Fenix GPS watch;you can get the same information – this is available via the widget screen. If the GPS is not in the use the data comes from the Garmin Connect location, GPS is in use this data is calculated for your location.

If you do get caught out with Sunset times on the hill having an “epic” day – not a problem! Garmin units pack some great features to help with these days.

The GPSMap 66 series now has backlit buttons, seeing them on the hill in dusk is simple and easy and these will automatically activate when the ambient light level drops. If the day really does get extended all Garmin handheld units can or do run on AA batteries. So if you need extra power you can just pop some spare batteries into the unit, all information will be automatically saved.

What Is The Best Outdoor GPS Watch?

What is The Best Outdoor GPS Watch?

As we approach the end of the year it’s time to look at the best outdoor GPS watch for outdoor activities, for walkers, runners, cyclists and the many other activities GPS watches are made for.

What is the best GPS watch on a budget?– Under £400.00

So in this category, we have only got a couple of watches –

  1. Garmin Instinct (available in four colours)
  2. Casio ProTrek WSD-30 (works with Viewranger app)

The Garmin Instinct is a great black and white screen GPS watch where the Casio ProTrek works alongside the Viewranger app.

The Garmin Instinct has a stunning battery life but it does lack because it does not show any maps, therefore as a walker who wanted to navigate using a GPS Watch we think the best budget GPS Watch is the Casio ProTrek WSD-30, it also comes in some great colours.

– Best budget GPS Watch – The Casio ProTrek WSD-30


Best top end GPS Watch (unlimited budget)

In this category we have the following GPS Watches –

  1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
  2. Garmin Fenix 6s Pro
  3. Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire
  4. Garmin Fenix 6s Sapphire
  5. Garmin Fenix 6x Sapphire
  6. Garmin Fenix 6x Solar Edition

So let’s help you understand the differenced between each of these Garmin GPS Watches –

  1. Pro v Sapphire – This is the screen type
  • Pro is a gorilla glass screen
  • Sapphire is chemically hardened creating a strong anti scratch screen

  1. S version v non S version

S Garmin GPS watches are smaller, so meant more for those with a smaller wrist perfect for ladies. You will notice all the GPS watches in the lady’s colours are produces in s versions – Garmin Fenix 6s Pro and the Garmin Fenix 6s Sapphire.

The trade off though, of the small watch body is the reduced battery life (6 hours of battery life in GPS mode compared to 10 hours with the normal version).

  1. X version

The Garmin Fenix 6x versions have larger body, this therefore holds a larger battery so you get better battery life (15 hours of GPS usage compared to 10 hours of GPS usage that you get with the normal version).

  1. Solar Edition – With this version of the Garmin Fenix GPS Watch you will get an additional 3 days when solar charging, and 15 hours in GPS mode with an additional hour when solar charging (All-day wear, three hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions).

– What is the best top end GPS Watch – The Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire

Further Reading and Useful Information;

We have teamed up with GPS Training to put together a online training resource for the Garmin GPS Watches. They take you through all the steps from turning on the Garmin GPS Watch and getting it paired to the Garmin Connect App too putting routes on your Garmin Watch to use for your chosen activity.

You can achieve access to this through the GPS Training Website – https://gpsonlinecourse.co.uk/