Review – The tough rugged Garmin GPSMap67 all-season GPS device

Garmin GPSMAp67

Review – The tough rugged Garmin GPSMap67 all-season GPS device

Launched in March 2023 we take a look at the Garmin GPSMap67 – Rugged all Season 180hr battery life handheld GPS Device.

What are the key features on the Garmin GPSMAP 67 let’s review them.



  1. Multi-band GNSS + Dual Frequency

The GPSMap67 unit use four satellite systems. This being the GPS (American), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (European) and Beidou (Chinese).
The key things, compared to previous Outdoor GPS units is you can choose all 4 x types of satellite systems together. On previous models you have been limited to being able to choose two i.e. GPS and Glonass OR GPS and Galileo.

This improves the speed the GPS locks onto the satellites dramatically and improves the accuracy.

There are four signals from the satellites available, in the past Outdoor GPS units has used L1, but this new unit also uses L5, in the past this has been used by the aeronautical industry. Wikipedia gives you a great understanding about how it all works.

With this unit being able to use both bands it improves both the accuracy as it can double check and confirm your current location. This removes any errors that have been thrown up in the past from things like the signal being bounced off buildings etc.

  1. Pre-loaded TOPO Active mapping installed.

The new Garmin GPSMAP67 series come pre-loaded with Garmin TOPO Active mapping. This is mapping for not only the UK but for all of Europe.

As this map set originates from Open-Sourced mapping it is super accurate, but, and this is the big but, it shows everything as a path. It does not decipher between a footpath, bridleway, BOAT, permissive path or frankly a private drive or far track.

Therefore if you are walking in England or Wales (where we have trespass laws) you really need to add Ordnance Survey maps to this GPS device.

Don’t get me wrong, TOPO Active mapping is great to compliment the Ordnance Survey mapping or as your only map if you are overseas. But in this country, UK, we are all so used to OS maps, we really need it on our GPS units.

These maps have free updates and can be updated via Wifi without the need for a computer.

  1. Built in battery – 180 hours battery life or 840 hours in Expedition ModeHaving used the GPSMap67 since its launch in March 2023 we have been very impressed with the battery performance.
    The figures of 180hrs are based on using GPS only and not multi-band but using the device ourselves with multi-band and the screen timing out as default we have still been achieving battery life more than 120hrs in some atrocious conditions and have been very happy with its performance.

This has been by far the best performing built-in battery that we have used on a handheld GPS device.

  1. And the rest …

With the Garmin GPSMAP 67 you still get all the rest –

– Good sized Colour screen (3 inch)

– ABC sensors – Altimeter, barometer to monitor weather and 3 axis electronic compass

– Birdseye Satellite Imagery – The ability to download satellite imagery directly onto the unit

– Garmin’s Active weather – when tethered to a smartphone you get real time weather forecasts

– LED flashlight – this can also be used as a flashing beacon if need be

– Live Geocaching – when tethered to smartphone or on a wifi

– Garmin Explore App / Connect App – The Garmin GPSMAP 67 works alongside either the Garmin Explore mapping app or the Connect App. With both the apps you can download .gpx files onto your mobile phone or tablet and transfer directly onto the Garmin GPSMAP 67.

Personally, I think the Garmin GPSMAP 67 it a great piece of kit.

With the battery performing as it is, I would never go back to AA batteries. If you are going off grid, buy yourself a power pack or even better a solar panel to charge your power pack and you will never run out of battery life again.

A tough rugged unit with a water rating of IPX7 and a sunlight readable screen, with its push button control a true all-season unit that will not let you down.

So, what’s holding you back, it’s a must for the outdoor enthusiast. The Garmin GPSMAP 67 is the best Outdoor GPS unit in its category.

Please look at the product on our website with all the different map options available – more here

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