We have teamed up with the market leaders in GPS Training, GPS Training, to offer you this two day Garmin two day GPS Training Course.

You can see the available course locations and dates on their website here.

The course will be a very practical with you getting hand-on with either your own GPS or one of our loan units. The aim of the day is that you will leave the course with the skills to navigate using a GPS confidently using waypoints, routes and tracks, and understand how you can use Garmin’s free utility BaseCamp to buy additional maps, send user data like routes & trails to/from your device and how to manage your data files.

Day 1 course layout

– Learn how to setup your Garmin GPS correctly

– Find out what the various pages show

– Understand what the buttons & keys tell us

– Learn how to name, change location coordinates and enter waypoints

– Navigate Goto’s

– Learn how you can navigate to a selected point on the map page

– Understand in a classroom demo how to freely download Basecamp

– Find out how you can plan routes in BaseCamp on your PC

– Learn how you can manage GPX files and save on your PC

– See how you can send a route to your GPS

– Follow a route sent to your GPS from Basecamp

– See a tracklog on your GPS and navigate Backtrack

Day 2 course layout


Revision of learning points from the Outdoor Garmin GPS course

Housekeeping, Reset Trip & Current Track

Save Tracklog & Archive Tracks

Introduction to Basecamp & exercises

Create route in Basecamp and navigate

Download tracklog from gps to BaseCamp & review

Afternoon 1pm to 4.30pm approx

Basecamp exercises

Create route in Basecamp and navigate

Download tracklog from gps to BaseCamp & review

Using your gps abroad

Download routes & trails from the internet

Google Earth & BaseCamp

International mapping for your gps

Final questions & goodbyes


How do I choose the course I am wanting to attend.

Within 24 hours we will email you the available course dates, you can see them on the GPS Training website here.



We will email you the available course dates within 24 hours of your booking this training product.


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