Hill safety for walkers

Winter safety in the Hills

Hill safety for walkers

What to do if something goes wrong whilst you are in the hills?

During winter a slip or trip out on the hill can be a far more dangerous situation. We need to think about hill safety for walkers. This is very different than the summer months when you can sit and wait in the sun until help arrives.

In winter these situations can develop extremely fast. That’s why it’s important to be prepared when out on the hill.

Below are some tips looking at what to do, so you are prepared on the hill in winter.

Also, we will look at what to do if something goes wrong whilst you are in the hills. Also look at generic hill safety for walkers.

Emergency Kit

In your rucksack it is advised to have a dry bag with some emergency kit.

These should include a whistle, headtorch, spare AA batteries, hand warmers, spare laces, repair tape, spare hat & gloves, foil bag, and a warm emergency layer.

First Aid

Always carry a fully stocked first aid kit on the hill.

This should be full of items for larger problems but it can always be used so smaller issues. So rather than a bag full of small plasters, carry lots of bandages, absorbant pads, blister plasters, and large dressings as well as wipes and gloves.

Help – Phone signal or InReach

Getting help is generally the same in summer or winter, but the need for this to happen quicker is more important in the winter.

Mobile hones generally don’t like the cold, and having to use it is liaise with the Emergency services in the winter months could kill the battery very quickly. There is also the risk that there won’t be phone signal where you are. For this reasons you need to consider carrying a small InReach Mini.

This is a two-way satellite communicator that allows me to send an SOS message in an emergency and has 100% global coverage. The monitoring centre will then get back to you with regular updates on the Emergency Services response, in the UK they will raise Mountain Rescue to aid your rescue. InReach Mini is less than 100g, waterproof, durable and will hold its charge for 1 year in your rucksack.

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