Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s – the most common asked questions in the world of Outdoor GPS navigation

What are the benefits of walking with an Outdoor GPS?

If used properly you have a navigational device on your wrist, many people just use a GPS as a moving map, but it is best to plan your route first before you head off then the GPS will actually navigate you around your activity.

Will it replace me having to an Ordnance Survey map?

You will still need to carry a paper map with you, just in case.

But if you plan your route on your PC/ Mac on Ordnance Survey mapping you can print a copy off and take that with you. 

What is Garmin Topo Active Mapping?

Garmin Topo Active mapping is a digital map you will find on some outdoor GPS units but the majority of new generation Outdoor GPS watches. 

It is made for the smaller screen and is full updateable. 

What is Garmin BaseCamp?

Garmin BaseCamp is the free route planning software your use with a Garmin Handheld GPS unit. 

It ‘pulls’ the Ordnance Survey maps from your unit so you can see them on your PC/ Mac, then you can plan your walk, run or cycle ride on it. 

What is Garmin Connect?

Garmin Connect is the app you will use on your Smartphone to pair your Garmin GPS Watch to it, it is where you can clearly see all the stats you GPS watch has collected. 

Can I get Ordnance Survey Maps on a GPS Watch?

Yes, you can get Ordnance Survey Maps on a Casio GPS watch, they have teamed up with ViewRanger to deliver these, they can also be stored offline.  

What is Garmin TOPO PRO Mapping?

Garmin TOPO PRO maps can be either 1:25k or 1:50k, they are Ordnance Survey maps but they have off road routeable data within National Parks. 

This means the GPS will route you via the footpaths to get to your chosen destination. 

Is a GPS Watch better than a Handheld GPS unit?

The six-million-dollar question. I personally think if you are a walker or cyclist who uses Ordnance Survey maps I would go for an Outdoor GPS unit.  

If you run or know where you are walking and just want lots of stats I would personally go for a GPS watch.  

What AA batteries should I use in my Handheld GPS device?

You need to use some good quality rechargeable batteries in an Outdoor GPS unit, as it will use a set of batteries every day. 

Will a GPS watch pair with both an Android and iPhone?

Yes it will and it makes it far easier to see on your phone all the data your GPS has collected.

What is the best Outdoor GPS Unit?  

Best Budget GPS unit

Button Colour Screen GPS unit – Garmin eTrex 32x – more
(Requires a computer to transfer GPX routes etc)

Button Monochrome Screen GPS Unit – Garmin eTrex SE – more
(Routes transferred using the Garmin Explore Mobile App)

Best GPS unit

Button GPS unit – Garmin GPSMAP67 – more

Best Large Screen GPS unit

Touch Screen GPS Unit  – Garmin Montana 700 – more
With inReach 2 way satellite communication built-in – Garmin Montana 700i or 750i (additional camera)

What is the best Outdoor GPS Watch?

Best Budget GPS Watch (Instinct Series – Monochrome screen but still packed with features)

For a man – Garmin Instinct 2 – more
For a lady – Garmin Instinct 2s – more

Best Top End GPS Watch (Fenix 7 series – Colour Screen & Mapping + Tough Sapphire Solar Glass)

For a man – Garmin Fenix 7x Sapphire Solar – more
For a lady – Garmin Fenix 7s Sapphire Solar – more


Do you know anybody who can train me in using an Outdoor GPS unit or Outdoor GPS Watch?  

Here at Outdoor GPS Shop we have teamed up with GPS Training, they are the market leaders and do both physical training courses nationwide and they also have a great online resource, which is their online training platform. Check out those guys, they know their stuff.