Essential walking kit for a walk

Essential walking kit for a walk

Essential walking kit for a walk

If you are heading out into the hills or even on a low-level walk what kit should you be taking with you, what essential walking kit when heading out for a walk? I know these days many people are wanting to walk light, but there are a number of essentials you should be taking with you.

If you think of anything that we have missed, please do let us know.


The correct clothing at the very least will make your walk more comfortable, but it could also prevent much worse. Things like waterproofs will help you tackle the elements, but avoiding materials like denim and cotton where possible will help you dry quicker and maintain your body temperature. Lots of thin layers are the key so you can take off and put on as need be.

– Breathable base layer
– Insulating mid-layer
– Walking trousers, not jeans
– Waterproof jacket
– Waterproof over-trousers
– Hats & gloves
– Sun hat
– Rucksack/daypack


Arguably the difference between a pleasant walk and an unpleasant walk, getting the right footwear and thus caring for your feet is of the utmost importance.

– Walking boots/shoes. Need to be comfortable and well-fitting
– Walking socks, these must be breathable – Mohair, Marino or other specialist socks

Rucksack essentials

The art of being prepared isn’t just in what you wear, it’s what you take with you to be ready for every eventuality. These can literally make or break a day in the hills for you.

– Fully charged mobile phone in a dry bag, something like an Aquapac
– Map & compass (even if you use GPS)
– Torch or head torch
– Bottled water
– Flask of hot drink
– High energy snacks
– Spare warm clothing
– Spare socks
– Survival bag (just in case)
– Emergency contact details
– First aid kit
– Suncream
– Sunglasses

If you think we have missed anything out of our essential walking kit when heading out for a walk please do let us know.

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